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  I had to reduce my private health insurance this year because it got too expensive. Health House is a great tool for me to manage my own health and reduce the clinical and lifestyle factors that can lead to illness and high medical bills.
- John

  This is an innovative site that lets me evaluate different areas of my life. In Health House each room represents a different aspect, a bit like your home, so it is easy to see how everything is connected. There are good tips on relationships, financial planning and even career advice as well as exercise and nutrition. A cool feature is the Life Vault which allows me to store key health and family documents in one place. If ever I have a problem abroad I know Health House has everything easily accessible to me.
- Ken

  My personal wellness profile has given me a comprehensive assessment of my current health and wellbeing. It is easy to read and understand. The library of videos that are available with my report is like having my own personal medic always available for advice. Well worth the money.
- Sarah

  My Wellness Score calculated by Health House is a real focal point for improvement. Not only can I aim to increase my score, Health House provides me with suggestions for areas in my life where small changes can have a real impact on my happiness. It is like having an on-line health buddy! Finally healthcare that doesn’t cost too much.
- Colin

  I finally feel I have some control over my health. I thought my wellbeing was entirely down to fate and luck. Health House is guiding me through implementing positive habits in a step by step approach. The articles and newsletters provide constant support. How do you put a price on looking and feeling great?
- Deirdre

  I had tried taking action before but had never being able to maintain my enthusiasm. Health House gave me measurable goals to meet and stayed with me. The on-line counselling/help programmes are very powerful and really helped me understand why I was comfort eating. All for the price of one desert a month.
- Richard

  Obesity is the biggest risk factor for cancer in Ireland for non-smokers, so I knew I needed to look after myself. I have found Health House to be a great resource to educate me on how to change my lifestyle to get the most out of life. Not just for myself but also my whole family. The monthly challenges are a fun way to introduce positive habits into the home. Great value.
- Sandra

  It was a real eye opener to see my Health Age. I was older than I should have been. It wasn’t a surprise though, I knew it. I didn’t have much energy and I knew I had a poor lifestyle. I was in a rut though and didn’t know how to get out. Health House was great, it doesn’t just tell you where you are they advised me on what changes to make to get my energy and drive back. It is amazing how simple it can be when you are pointed in the right direction.
- Declan