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Health House Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Specifically Designed for Irish Businesses.

For those companies thinking of running a workplace health initiative, make sure you collect important information to ensure that your investment is appropriate, relevant and delivers a higher return on investment.

The Health House HRA will identify the key health risks in your organisation and help you design a programme that is specific to your staff.

We can deliver a programme from as little as €15 per employee!

The HRA is an easy to use 10 – 15 minute assessment that collates a private and confidential current health status for each employee.

Our online portal allows your workforce to take stock of their current health status and provides specific tools and resources to help them improve across seven areas of risk!

The portal connects healthy lifestyle choices to healthy outcomes and empowers individuals to be at their best physically, mentally, emotionally and professionally.

This aggregate population data can help design, measure and improve wellness programmes and provide key metrics in your organisation's overall welfare strategy.

For Your Workforce

When you complete the HRA, your own personal report is produced which identifies your specific risks across seven key health areas - Heart, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Fitness, Nutrition and Mental Health...

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For Your Organisation

Health House enables businesses to establish a baseline for their population, develop programmes specific to their health risks in conjunction with employees' enthusiasm to change...

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