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  What do I need to register?
You will be asked for your name, date of birth, gender and contact number. For your security we will use your email address as your membership and will also ask you to provide a password. If you wish you can also provide your height and weight.

  How can I organise a programme with my work colleagues?
Health House provide corporate wellness programmes for companies with 10 employees to 5,000. We can design a programme around each organisation's size, requirements and budget. Just ask your manager to contact us at info@healthhouse.ie.

  When will my portal be available?
You will have access to the portal immediately after completing the registration process and you can begin to complete your health assessment.

  What will I need to complete for my Health Risk Assessment?
The Health Risk Assessment will take about 10 minutes to complete. You will have most of the information readily available to you from memory. There may be some family history questions that you need to verify.
The assessment asks for medical information such as blood pressure and cholesterol. These can be taken from your last GP visit or you can update these questions at a later date.
All the medical test results can be obtained at your next GP visit or from many pharmacies.
If it is a Corporate Programme we can organise a health assessment for staff.

  Can I access my profile to update my health?
Yes. You can take a new health risk assessment each quarter to help you assess the improvements you are making to your lifestyle and the impact it is having on your health.

  How often each year can I review my wellbeing profile?
Unlimited. We would recommend that you review your profile at least once a month to continually remind yourself of the recommendations identified to help you lead a more complete life. This could be done in conjunction with the monthly health challenges that are provided.
If you complete additional assessments during the year we can track the changes to help you identify trends.

  How valid are the health assessment questions?
We do not develop new questions about unknown items. We base our questions on established published research that already shows a significant relationship to a risk or health factor.
Let's use cholesterol and blood pressure as the example. The validity of asking these questions is based on the published research that shows people with high blood pressure is linked to high risk of stroke and heart disease. The validity of all our questions are based on actual research published in the health journals, linking them to health outcomes.
We don't try to estimate a risk, we simply ask 'Do you smoke?', or 'Do you exercise?'. Research links people who exercise to lower risks of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer. All our questions are based on these research outcomes that are much more valid than any questions we could create to estimate health status and then do a 'validity study'. We also take into account recommendations by national health standards and guidelines. For example, people who live the longest have a BMI less than 25, so we use this standard to determine obesity. Some of our questions relate to these well documented and recognised standards.

  If you offer a wellbeing score or health age, what is the basis for this?
We offer both. The basis of these scores is in line with algorithms developed and used for over 30 years.

  What else will my Personal Wellness Profile measure?
Improving your wellness is not just about changing what you do but also understanding the benefits of current lifestyle choices that are having a positive effect.
Your Personal Wellness Profile will identify for you:
  • - Factors that you are 'Doing Well',
  • - Identify clinical and lifestyle issues which are a specific risk to you,
  • - Compares 'previous wellbeing results',
  • - Recommendations in each health risk group relevant for the Irish population,
  • - Nutrition advice for each health risk group,
  • - Specific links to relevant information for the Irish population.

  What support will I get to help me improve my wellbeing?
The on-line version of your report will provide appropriate links to additional information to help you understand and prepare for the improvements that you need to consider.
The suite of videos will explain each page of your personal report. We would recommend that you view this throughout the year.
Each month we will send you a newsletter with topical health features. There are also our monthly health challenges that will introduce you to a positive lifestyle change that we 'challenge' you to try and introduce into your life. Have a bit of fun and put yourself against other family members or friends and colleagues.

  How can I be sure of my results?
The algorithm used to generate scores are based on 30 years of changing guidelines and recommendations supplied by International organisations. These algorithms are updated to meet the most current guidelines and recommendations.
The University of South Florida conducted a content validity evaluation of the HRA. They used experts in a variety of clinical fields to evaluate each question. The experts consisted of registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, an advanced registered nurse practitioner, health educators, and physicians. The overall Content Validity Index for the entire instrument is 0.90 (0= no validity, 1.0 = perfect validity). Their evaluation stated, 'The instrument (PWP) has strong validity characteristics.'

  What processes are used to authenticate users online?
The processes that we use are determined by our clients needs, for example will members login-in through your website or through our website?
The Assessment Website presents a secure (HTTPS) sign-up form and a secure (HTTPS) login form. The login requires a username and a password. Security certified. The Assessment site login-form uses secure SSO to seamlessly authenticate participants to the specified website.

  What data do you need to authenticate users?
Login: Username and password.
Sign Up: sign-up requires additional information, such as contact information, gender, DOB. This is entered on initial registration only.

  What technical support do you offer and what is the cost of this support?
Participant Tech Support is provided via a comprehensive help section on our assessment web portal as well as email based technical support during normal business hours.
The cost is all included with your registration.

  How do you protect my privacy?
All client details and login are accessed via HTTPS on the Assessment website. Access is limited to authorised personnel. All security certificates have been obtained.
No personal data is shared with any other organisation.
Health House is registered with the Irish Data Protection Commission.

  Are there any software and hardware requirements?
Yes. Any standard web browser. The portal can be accessed through a web processor by PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.