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World Mental Health Week

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 11-Oct-2017 15:56:12

We spend more than half of our waking hours in work, so how can we make sure it's a place conducive to good mental health?

As part of this week being the World Mental Health Week 2017 here are 12 tips suggested by Mental Health Ireland to try raise the awareness of wellbeing in the workplace:

  1. Have a coffee break/ pizza evening in your office in the canteen / common area.
  3. Have a 'no phones in the lift' policy to encourage people to chat with each other.
  5. Create a connect board where staff can leave positive anonymous messages for others.
  7. Arrange a lunchtime mile – mapping out the route for staff to walk, jog or run.
  9. Develop a staff league table for steps taken each day/week.
  11. Invite a yoga teacher in to the company to teach the staff some easy yoga moves.
  13. Organise an event where staff share three interesting things about themselves.
  15. Invite staff members to deliver a presentation on a hobby or interest they have.
  17. Create a library section in the office with books and magazines on activities/ hobbies.
  19. Encourage all staff members to get a small plant for their desk.
  21. Provide a list of mindfulness/ meditation apps for staff to download – Headspace, 1GiantMind, SimpleHabit, Gratitude365 or Insight Timer.
  23. Encourage staff to pay attention to how they are feeling throughout the day and to notice when they may be stressed or anxious.