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See the Back of High Absence

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 04-Nov-2016 14:56:13

How much does back pain cost your company?

Despite all the talk about stress, the number one cause for absence from work is musculoskeletal disorders. Back pain is the most common complaint within this group.

According to Fit for Work Europe, in their 2009 study on Ireland:

  1. Over half of Irish workers report experiencing back pain each year,
  2. Over a quarter of non-fatal injuries in Irish workplaces are attributable to back pain,
  3. Up to 80 per cent of the adult population will suffer significant back pain at some time in their life,
  4. In the vast majority of patients with back pain no specific diagnosis is given.

The risk of suffering a back injury is not just down to properly lifting heavy loads. There are many factors that are increasing the incidence of back pain and lost workdays:

  1. Increasing rates of obesity,
  2. Changes in work life and the use of technology,
  3. Sitting for long periods,
  4. Decreased levels of fitness,
  5. Increased rates of depression.

For November we are challenging all members of Health House to increase their awareness and understanding of the risks that affect their back.

This will not only improve their wellbeing but should also reduce absence, improve productivity and help you manage presenteeism.

Why not ask your colleagues to take our Back Challenge?

Will they be able to practice good back habits for 22 days during May? The prize could be a lifetime free of back pain and ache.

Download our challenge and tips for free - click on the image below: