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Can I Act Like a Man?

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 29-Sept-2016 17:01:06

A while back I looked at my life and wondered is this what I am meant to do?

After I get up each morning, I sit in a car going to work, I sit at a desk at work, I sit in a car going home and then to relax after the 'tough' day in the office I sit and relax in front of the telly or computer.

It is your classical sedentary lifestyle, but am I acting like a man? Am I being cruel to myself?

When I was a kid I got a puppy, I loved Max, we would play for hours. But Max didn't stay a puppy and he grew and grew. Our garden wasn't big enough and we had to find him a bigger, better home. I was devastated, it's not fair on Max my mum explained, he was born to run. It is in his genes.

So what are we born for? After millions of years of evolution what sort of animal has man developed into?

We became king of the jungle because we were able to adapt and balance a number of key skills. We didn't have to be the fastest, strongest, tallest, loudest. We thrived because we were above average at all of these and were able to enhance them with brainpower and organisation skills. We have been successful because we balance all these functions.

So our DNA is telling us to run, jump, lift, throw as well as figure out, communicate and organize. By living my sedentary life I was being cruel to myself because I was keeping half of my genes in a cage.

Have you ever gone for a brisk walk and felt your body tingle and come alive? That's freeing your genes from prison!

If you have a job that involves a lot of physical activity that's great, however if you are like me and are office based then you need to plan some physical activity into your lifestyle to maintain the balance of evolution.

Start with something you enjoy - walk, run, dance, swim or go to the gym and develop a positive habit of incorporating physical activity into your life.

Release your genes, you will feel energized and maybe your other jeans will fit better.

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