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What We Do

Fusion HR is a powerful resource for HR professionals to re-ignite the power of human endeavor to drive an organisation forward. Fusion HR not only aims to improve the availability of staff but also their enthusiasm, engagement, productivity and resilience.

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Our Experience

Health Promotion
Customised Delivery Solutions
Customer Support

Meet Our Team

  • Aaron Keegan - CEO

Aaron is CEO at FusionHR. Coming from a background in business and accountancy he brings more than 25 years of experience to the role and to the company.

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  • Conor Hoey - CSO

Conor is a co-founder and the Chief Sales Officer of FusionHR. He brings more than 25 years senior management experience to the role.

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  • James Whelan - CTO

In a successful career spanning some 18 years James has taken the lead in developing innovative applications that make a real difference to efficiency and management at all levels of enterprise.

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