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What we do

Our management team who has over 50 years combined experience delivering work place health programmes founded Fusion HR in 2012.

Fusion HR is a powerful resource for HR professionals to re-ignite the power of human endeavor to drive an organisation forward. Fusion HR not only aims to improve the availability of staff but also their enthusiasm, engagement, productivity and resilience.

After identifying the limitations and frustrations of traditional health screening services Fusion HR set out to create a programme that encapsulates all aspects of an individuals’ happiness.

Recognising the need to move forward from typical “health week” initiatives Fusion HR researched current global trends and international best practice to develop a strategy for health and wellbeing within organisations and society in general.

Health House is a private and confidential individual health portal for members to guide them in achieving their physical, emotional, mental and financial goals.

Why we do it

Poor health choices and their impact on society are having major economic, health and happiness implications for everyone. The W.H.O. has identified the workplace as a critical community in society to help address the problems of a poor lifestyle.

Health House aims to help communities assess, educate and motivate their group to make the most of life. As we promote good lifestyle choices we will be happier and in turn will release more medical resources to those that are sick and vulnerable.

Add life to your years and years to your life!

Who we are

Fusion HR is a member of Innovios. An Irish company committed to the smart application of ideas to improve the performance, resilience and information flow in organisations and individuals.

Innovios looks to leverage organisations existing investment in human and IT capital to enhance productivity, service and profit.