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Aaron is CEO at FusionHR. Coming from a background in business and accountancy he brings more than 25 years of experience to the role and to the company.

But Aaron balances more than just the books at FusionHR. In essence, his business life is about achieving equilibrium between people, productivity and profit for the individual organisations that partner with FusionHR.

On a day to day basis, Aaron co-ordinates the FusionHR team working with clients’ businesses to invigorate and add value to their key assets, their people and their data. More often than not, this is achieved through the application of smart technologies and truly innovative ideas.

Currently, Aaron is busy establishing Ireland’s first interactive corporate wellness programme: A more enlightened and holistic view of employee health and wellbeing. Having recently qualified as a financial advisor, he is well positioned to take a 360º approach – embracing the individual’s financial health as well as physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Other interests

As a board member of Cheeverstown House, Aaron tries to use his skills to ensure that vulnerable members of our society always have an advocate for their needs.

To relax, Aaron spends time on the beaches and mountains around Dublin with his wife and three kids. However, as a long-suffering Liverpool supporter, it’s safe to say the weekends are not without their trials.